IENA Newsletter: Autumn 2017
IENA Newsletter: Autumn 2017

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Message from the President

Cert/Recert Scholarships

2017 IENA Elections


Upcoming Events

New IENA Members


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Upcoming Events 

January 22, 2018

WSNA Nurse Legislative Day in Olympia. More details will be provided as they become available.

March 10, 2018, 8:45-11:30am

CE Event & Brunch, Red Lion River Inn, Spokane, WA. "Healthy Nursing," Speaker Teresa Bigand, MSN, RN, CMSRN, CNL.

May 8, 2018, 5:30-8:00pm

IENA Annual Spring Gala, Red Lion River Inn, Spokane, WA. More details will be provided as they become available.

For more, visit our EVENTS page.


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Scholarship Opportunity for Certification Review Class, Exam, or Recertification Exam


The Inland Empire Nurses Association (IENA) is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities for members completing a certification review class, certification exam, or recertification exam. A maximum scholarship amount of $300.00 is available throughout the year while funding allows. It is available to all WSNA members with proof of completion of a certification review class, certification exam, or recertification exam, and a copy of your receipt for completing this certification. Click here to complete the application.


Providing for the Continuing Professional Development of Nurses


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New IENA Members

Click here for the new IENA Members list.


We hope that some of our newest members will join us in promoting IENA by becoming Committee and/or Board members in the future.


We encourage all members to visit our official website for more information on becoming involved in the association and for current events planned by IENA.


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Message from the President

I have been extremely honored to be your IENA President. We have an active and productive district in Eastern Washington. I want to share with you that every level of our organization I have served has made me very proud to be a member of WSNA. Nurses speaking with one voice and working together can achieve a great deal! Let me address some of what we have accomplished and those opportunities in the near future.

I attended a council meeting of the WSNA district presidents and administers a couple of weeks ago. Our district 4 is dynamic! We, along with our Western Washington districts, are providing scholarships to students, giving awards to our talented nurses, and donating funds to non-profit agencies that reflect our values.

The Board of Directors is donating new gloves, hats, scarves, and socks to Crosswalk Youth Shelter. We welcome others that would enjoy giving to this group. This will be our December venture.

The Legislative Reception was October 18th at The Spokane Club. It was well attended by nurses and candidates. We had three state legislators and three city council candidates present. WSNA President Jan Bussert and Political Action Specialist Nathasja Skorupa spoke about the need for nurses to speak out. Thoughtful questions and concerns were voiced by nurses. We were able to question two of our representatives as to why they do not vote for the nurses' bills in Olympia. One of them willingly responded.

Legislative Advocacy Camp will be January 11, 2018 in Olympia. If you want to attend and would like financial assistance, let us know. This camp is a great way to learn more about talking to our representatives in Olympia and understanding nurses' issues.

Nurse Legislative Day is scheduled for January 22, 2018 in Olympia. Our 4th District will rent a beautiful bus to drive nurses to and from Olympia. It only costs $10! We leave on Sunday morning and return around 9:00 pm Monday night. Ask us about hotels to rent a room. Again, Governor Jay Inslee will be our guest speaker.

Education event will be March 10, 2018 at Red Lion River Inn. It will be a 2-hour CE offering on the topic of "Healthy Nurse" by Teresa Bigand, MSN, RN, CMSRN, CNL This is in the morning and we will enjoy a hearty breakfast. This is a good time to network with other nurses and catch up on the news.

IENA Board of Directors has some openings for members to join us in working to shape the educational, legislative and other fun events. Consider taking the next step and serve IENA. Call our office (509-328-8288) and please let us know if you are interested!

Lynnette Vehrs, MN, RN

President, Inland Empire Nurses Association


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2017 IENA Elections


Lori Bailey assumed the role of President this November, having spent the past year as President-elect. Rayanne Lilley is the new President-elect starting in November. We extend our appreciation to Lynnette Vehrs for her excellent work in serving as President this past year.

Normandie Enderton was elected to serve as Secretary. Normandie just completed her first term as Director at Large. Sue Glass was elected to continue serving as Treasurer. We welcome two new Occupational Group Directors, Education Representative Teresa Bigand and Nursing Management Representative Andrea Schlesser-Dury.

The positions below are currently open:

  • Director at Large (3 positions)

  • Community/Pubic Health Representative

  • General Duty Representative

  • Independent Practice Representative

Your professional experience remains invaluable in promoting the nursing profession no matter your area of practice. As nurses, we are highly respected by the public because of our professionalism. Remember, this is not the union but the professional organization part of your WSNA dues that goes toward your district (IENA) along with ANA. There are many benefits to serving on our Board.

If you or anyone you know is interested in serving, contact IENA Administrative Secretary JoAnn Kaiser at or call the office at 509-328-8288 and leave a message if JoAnn is unable to answer.

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IENA Information

About IENAThe Inland Empire Nurses Association is District 4 of the Washington State Nurses Association. For information on membership Registered Nurses should call WSNA at 1-800-231-8482 or the IENA office at 509-328-8288 or e-mail The Inland Empire Nurses Association Office is located at 222 W. Mission Ste. 231 in the Garden Court Building. Please call 509-328-8288 before visiting to ensure a staff member is on hand to greet you.


Tax-free contribution or memorial remembrances in the name of a loved one may be mailed to: Inland Empire Nurses Association, 222 W. Mission, STE 231, Spokane, WA 99201. The Association News is published quarterly by the Inland Empire Nurses Association, 222 W. Mission, Box 231, Spokane, WA 99201, a non-profit organization. Information on advertising rates may be obtained by calling 509-328-8288.


If you are interested in serving on an Association committee, please call the office at 509-328-8288. Committees: Scholarship, Awards, Legislative Reception, Annual Nurse Celebration Event, Education, Finance, and Nominations. Most of the committees have a limited involvement of time.


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