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Amy Cross, RN, MN, APHN

Amy serves IENA as Independent Practice rep.

Amy F. Cross began her pre-nursing undergraduate studies at the Community Colleges of Spokane and earned her Associate of Arts degree in December 1999 from Spokane Falls Community College.  She then transferred to Northwest University in Kirkland, WA to attend the Mark and Huldah Buntain School of Nursing’s inaugural class.  In Spring 2002, Amy completed her BSN coursework.  She then took a position at a camp in Western Washington over the summer as the health coordinator/ graduate nurse before passing her NCLEX-RN State Boards in the Fall.

Amy’s first position as a licensed Registered Nurse was at Crista Foundation in the Skilled Nursing Facility in Shoreline, WA.  There she was a charge nurse for residential care.  Continuing on call for Crista, she joined a Nursing Residency at Evergreen Healthcare in inpatient Specialty Surgical Unit, which included orthopedic, bariatric, and neurosurgery.  She had many leadership and varied work opportunities at Evergreen Hospital but had not yet found her niche in the nursing profession. Amy worked and volunteered in several local and overseas community health efforts before she found her calling as a Public Health Nurse specializing in Maternal and Child Health.  In 2008, she was hired by Spokane Regional Health District to serve in a home visiting public health nursing role for CPS involved families.  When funding for her position was cut, Amy returned to school. Amy attended Washington State University's College of Nursing in the Advanced Population Master's in Nursing program and graduated in 2014.  Her thesis project focused on public health nurse's role in preventing, screening, and ameliorating Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their profound effects on Public Health.  During graduate school and beyond, Amy taught in the Community Health Nursing undergraduate Lead Faculty Role for three years.  This experience of teaching, leading, and engaging in academia throughout the greater Spokane area, reaching into the Yakima and Tri-Cities communities provided Amy with a wealth of learning, professional growth, and relationship building. Read more >



Amy Cross

Amy is Independent Practice rep for IENA.

She is a graduate of Community Colleges of Spokane.

Amy is currently a PHN in NFP in the Spokane Regional Health District.

She also has an independent consulting nurse practice.

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