IENA Board Biographies

Lynnette Vehrs, MN, RN

Lynnette formerly served IENA as President, Nurse Education Director and Director-at-Large.

From Lynnette:

In 1976, I graduated from the Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education (ICNE). My first job was psychiatric nursing in Tacoma for three years. This experience psychiatric nursing experience was very valuable for the rest of my career and private life. There was nothing like learning conflict management while under fire. I then worked in a cardiac unit in Seattle and Spokane for a total of eight years. I became active in contract negotiations, which continued into my first few years at Providence VNA.

One of the most challenging and exciting jobs was working as an ICU nurse for two years in Lillehammer, Norway. The language barrier in the beginning was a difficult and humbling experience. Their medical delivery system was top notch, progressive and socialized medicine.

For 18 years I worked in home care at Providence Visiting Nurses Association in Spokane. I enjoyed the autonomy of providing home care and the community health nursing aspect. Although, eighteen years is a long time and I needed a change.

I graduated from WSU in the College of Nursing with a master's in education in 2009. While going to school, I taught as a clinical instructor for Community Health Nursing in the undergraduate program. It was through this teaching experience that I discovered this is my calling! I currently teach a Leadership and Management lecture class along with a community health clinical section. The students give me energy and challenge me to continue to learn and be open to new ideas.


Lynnette Vehrs

Graduate of Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education and Washington State University.

Worked as an ICU nurse in Lillehammer, Norway for two years.

Lynnette worked for Providence Visiting Nurses Association for eighteen years.

She currently teaches a Leadership and Management lecture class.

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