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Vivian McGee, RN

Vivian serves IENA as Nursing Management rep.

Vivian earned her BS degree in Nursing through ICNE, now ICN, where she became very interested in the individual with mental/emotional disorders. She was eager to assist them in their wellness journey, especially focusing on dignity, respect, and education.

Vivian worked at PSHMC for 27 years, mostly in the Adult/Geriatric Psychiatry Department, and spent the last 11 years at PSHMC as Assistant Nurse Manager of the 46 bed inpatient unit. She absolutely loved being a part of and working with the inpatient side of care, guiding her staff to best practices. Vivian also loved to mentor staff to be the best they can be. She worked as the Clinical Educator, assisting staff in their development, and training new staff in the Dept of Psychiatry for two years.

As a co-developer in programming, she worked as one of the Nurse Case Managers for her clients for four years in the very successful Partial Hospitalization Program for the Geriatric Psychiatric Client at PSHMC. She also worked as a weekend night RN Supervisor for one year at North Central Care Center while working part-time at PSHMC.

In December 2011, Vivian joined Frontier Behavior Health as Director of Nursing Services and Infection Control Officer. She is responsible for oversight of all three Inpatient Facilities and Outpatient Nursing Services.

After 32 precious years of marriage, Vivian is now a widow. She has two wonderful children, Nathan and Natalie. An outdoors enthusiast, she also loves to travel for pleasure and go on mission trips where she not only helps others, but becomes enriched beyond words in her spiritual walk.

She has worked with abused women and their children locally and abroad. Vivian is very involved in her church activities and loves being a servant leader in any capacity where healing can be encouraged.



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Vivian is Nursing Management rep for IENA.

She is a graduate of ICN.

Vivian worked for PSHMC for 27 years.

She is currently Director of Nursing Services at Frontier Behavioral Health.

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